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1. Water

  • Water is one of the most important preps

  • Take a day to assess your water situation

  • If you are just starting out, begin with getting a 3 day supply for you and your family

  • If you are a more experienced prepper, add a little to your supply

  • Also get rid of the expired stuff and rotate in new stuff - BOB as well

  • It may be a good time to pull the trigger on a water filter as well

2. Food

  • Always seems there is too much to do here and too little time

  • 72hr-2 weeks, 3 months etc. necessarily

  • Make an inventory, go through your food, mark the dates

  • Make a list on what you need or want more of

  • Condiments, spices, perishables

3. Replenishing food etc. gardening, hunting

  • Taking a day to garden doesn’t make a lot of sense, but buying a pack of heirloom seeds does

  • If you are a hunter, add to your preps in this area

  • Maybe its ammo, maybe its field dressing gear

4. EDC

  • Review your EDC items, check batteries, blades etc.

  • Review new items see what better stuff there is you can carry

5. Bug Out Bags

  • Do you already have a BOB? Take this day to assess your gear

  • Update the clothing to the current season

  • Update with any new or better gear you’ve acquired

  • If you don’t have one, now is a good time to look at bags

  • If you have a bag that will work, set it aside

  • If you don’t, start looking online for bags in your price range

  • Then print off a bug out bag gear list


  • If you have a bug out bag, and have tons more supplies, look into additional bags

  • INCH bags contain a lot but sometimes are easier in a way to build

  • Lots of gear that is very much like camping gear

  • Good time to consider a plan if you actually cannot return home, do you carry more just in case, depends on your area and threats

  • Look at a Get Home Bag

  • Are either of these bags necessary for you

  • Update each if you already have them

7. Transportation

  • Your vehicles are key to prepping

  • Now is a good time to assess your vehicles and their maintenance

  • Do they need oil changes? Do they need tune ups?

  • How are the tires looking?

  • Do you have a repair manual?

8. Cache

  • Part of your overall planning

  • If only spent learning about making a cache

  • Consider cache deposit even within your house or property just in case

  • Start a cache at work, around town, or your bug out route

9. Vehicle bag - kit

  • Take some time today to assess your current kit, or get one started

  • Gotta have basics - Jumper cables or battery, Flares/Glowsticks, Flashlight/Headlamp, Tire/Jack, FAK, Water, Food, Toolkit, escape tool, Maps, blankets, clothing, raingear

  • If you don’t have one, print a list and at least get started with it

10. Comms

  • Cell phone is most likely your go to, make sure you have backup charging ability

  • Learn how to use your 2-way radio as there is a lot to them, security

  • What alternative comms do you have outside cell phone, radio etc.

  • Survival radio, like the one in the latest battlbox to keep tabs on situation, weather etc.

  • Maybe see if you are ready to take on HAM

  • Discuss this heavily with your family

  • May include just notes or posts to look for signs or signals to communicate silently to each other

  • Review a plan with your family is the key here

  • Code words, cyphers

11. Power - Energy - Batteries - Fuel

  • Get some batteries - AA & AAA are super important

  • Also, a backup USB powerbank is so useful, grab one of those

  • Also a great time to assess your fuel situation

  • If you have fuel stored, check and rotate the older stuff

  • Look at getting some Stabil in there to help the shelf life

  • If you have no fuel stored, its a great time to buy a can and fill it up

  • Also look at your BBQ propane, fill up those bottles and grab an extra if you can

12. Clothing

  • Off the grid surplus. Done. Use the rest of your day to chill

  • But consider footwear, this can be a lifesaver and worth your time researching

  • Quality pants that are useful yet not tacticool

  • Ready to go gear for the seasons

  • Sometimes we store gear clothes that we no longer wear and it's trash

13. Lighting - Blackout Kit

  • If you have no flashlights, candles or lanterns, now is a good time to get some

  • If you already have those, work on checking what you have, and maybe going for a full on blackout kit

  • You can find lots of blackout kit lists online

  • If you have all of that, consider a solar lighting kit like the Biolite Solarhome 620

  • Its a good time to distribute some flashlights around the house as well

14. Home - security, home safety (gas, electrical, earthquake proofing) detectors

  • Know your home shut off valves and how to access and shut them off quickly

  • How will you defend your home or make it safer?

  • Basic fire protection, detectors, smoke

  • Cameras and surveillance

15. Weapons

  • Do you have any sort of self defense weapons for emergencies or long-term SHTF?

  • If you do, get them out, practice, do some maintenance

  • If not, now is a good time to look into what you can have legally, what you think you can handle, and what you ultimately want to get

  • This can be firearms, knives or even smaller self defense weapons

  • I’m also going to add self defense to this item

  • Do you know the basics of hand to hand self defense?

  • Sign up for a class, find out what martial arts might interest you

  • Look up some videos online, do something to understand it

16. Medical - kits and training, meds

  • DIY kit, go through whatever you have and replace the trash

  • Make sure the band aids are restocked

  • OTC meds you are low on or need or could need

  • Make sure you have a plan if you have meds you CANNOT do without

  • Simply schedule a physical

17. Comforts - entertainment

  • Don’t forget those comfort and entertainment items

  • Candy, coffee, booze, ciggies - add your fav to your stockpile

  • Also don’t forget books, games and entertainment that doesn't need power

  • Grab something and put it away for that rainy day event

18. Personal ID and documents

  • Where are all your important files?

  • Have you gotten new cards and numbers - make sure you take time to update those on your app/ or copied paperwork

  • Backup all this info on portable USB and or hard drive, take pictures store it all in a safe place, fireproof box or sleeve for easy quick access (insurance, credit cards, bank info, health etc.)

  • Consider getting it all off the cloud

19. Emergency Plan

  • This maybe should be earlier, but its time to work on an emergency plan

  • Head to and grab theirs

  • Get with your fam and fill it out

  • It will take about 20 min and will be well worth your time

20. Weather protection

  • Review the threats to your area and issues you may face

  • Do you have window protection for hurricane or flood protection like sand bags etc.?

  • What if the power goes out, again do you know where to find everything quickly

  • Sand bags, storm blankets, tape, plastic wrap

  • Indoor heaters, blankets, fan rooms

  • What gear do you have to keep you dry if you bug out?

  • What about extremes in weather, high heat super cold, how can you utilize what you have to make you more comfortable?

21. Local threat assessment

  • If you haven’t done this, or its been a while, get it done

  • This will be some of the things you talked about in your emergency plan

  • What SHOULD you really be prepping for?

  • Natural Disasters, meds, vehicle, financials, self defense, fitness?

22. Cybersecurity

  • Have you considered your threat online?

  • What are the steps to protect yourself - look into Surfshark, change your passwords

  • What plan do you have if you are a victim of identity theft?

23. Fitness - health

  • Oh boy, good luck

  • If you are out of shape, obese, unhealthy or just plain lazy, take today and assess where you are

  • There is so much info online, but make yourself a plan to get where you would like to be

  • It will be a combination of diet, exercise, stress relief, sleep and supplements most likely

  • Start slow and do what you can sustain

  • If you are already moderately healthy, what is something you can add to your routine to take it up a notch?

  • Have you had a physical in a while? Get it scheduled.

24. Finance - currency

  • Do you have an emergency fund?

  • Make plans to get and create an emergency fund - start slow consider simple $500

  • What cash do you have right now if all electronics fail?

  • 1 day to review your finances, plan, debt assessment, and or meet with financial advisor is huge and can be done in a day

  • Do a credit report if you haven't already

25. Gear - Tools

  • Now we talking

  • Take today and assess your gear situation

  • What critical pieces are you missing?

  • How are all of your kits looking?

  • Make a list, check it twice, make a plan, save for what you can’t afford

  • Make a list on Amazon if you must

26. Pets

  • Cute fun little bastards, but what happens when you are rationing food for yourself?

  • Do you have a plan for your pet?

  • Easily overlooked in prepping

  • Take today and work on your pet plans

27. EMP

  • EMP’s are a staple in prepper culture

  • You need to first understand what it is and how to prepare for them

  • Take today to read up, listen or watch and learn about the threat

  • If you already know, and don’t yet have a faraday bag or cage, pull the trigger

  • Then figure out what gear is most important to have protected and get it done

28. Sanitation

  • Easy chance to ruin your health and make everyone miserable

  • Consider for a day the sanitation supplies you have

  • Deodorant, soaps, feminine hygiene, toothpaste, brushes, TP

  • Cleanliness keeps you health and sane, don't overlook it. Take a day to go over this in detail

  • What if someone is sick and puking all over, do you have ways to keep everyone else healthy and clean the bodily fluids?

  • Consider quarantine tents isolation etc.

29. Apps?

  • I did a really quick vid on this a while back

  • Apps can be super useful for anyone and especially for preppers

  • Many get upset and say “Your phone won’t work if its an EMP”

  • I get it, but with EVERY OTHER SITUATION it will

  • Get some apps for preppers

  • #1, go to your local emergency management office and get their app for super localized alerts

  • Then grab the RED CROSS emergency app or the FEMA app

  • Weather apps are great too

  • Also, better have some podcast apps

  • If you already have this stuff, make sure the settings are up to date and determine if there are any other apps you’d like to consider - inventory, survival...

30. Navigations

  • Maps, locally and or of upcoming trips

  • Can you navigate by a compass and topographical map, learn a little about them

  • Get a bandana with star chart


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