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2020: What is to come for Preppers?

I've said it once and I'll say it again - 2020 has been a year to remember. As a (Casual)Prepper, this year has given me opportunity to analyze and evaluate my preps and readiness on more than one occasion. Covid19 has turned the entire world upside-down. We had an earthquake in my home state, race riots and civil unrest have been commonplace, and boy-oh-boy its an election year. As crazy as 2020 has been up to this point, I'm afraid things aren't going to get any easier for the remainder of the year.

We recently released a podcast on Surviving Civil Unrest which is a really good topic to brush up on in our opinion as our crystal ball says more of this may be on the way. Let's look at some of the upcoming issues and possibilities that you as a prepper need to be aware of in 2020.



What a head to head match up we have before us kids.


How could anything go wrong?

This election will get heated and nasty. Half the country HATES one candidate, half the country HATES the other. Each are on opposite sides of the political spectrum and will do almost anything to keep or get power. COVID will be used as a weapon. Race will be used as a weapon. Your vote will be used as a weapon. There's really no telling which way this will go as of yet, but just know that it will effect you and it will effect the mood and behavior of the country as a whole. Any way this plays out, I can see civil unrest heating up. This isn't a typical presidential election. This isn't a typical year.

This is the #1 reason I have been upping my Casual Prepping game and will continue to do so until the end of 2020.



Needless to say, this has been the story of the year. What a ride it has been, especially as a prepper. Cam and I are asked often what our worst nightmare is as far as an apocalyptic scenario goes, and a pandemic has ALWAYS been at the top of our list. This pandemic is not at all the plot we imagined, but its had its own difficulties and frustrations- a highly contagious virus, lots of asymptomatic carriers, low death rate but HIGHLY politicized and debated with an ENORMOUS impact on our every day life.

COVID isn't likely to go away any time soon and will undoubtedly continue to be a problem. Will it get worse? Will it get better? What new restrictions will it have on us as a society moving forward? Only time will tell, but its something you as a prepper need to continue to monitor and prep for in 2020.



Talk about a roller coaster. Before COVID we were riding high with low unemployment and a record stock market.

Then, we shutdown most of the country and started to burn major cities to the ground. Unemployment skyrocketed, businesses went under and pressure is higher than ever on our economy. Will inflation be a major issue? Will COVID or civil unrest put more strain on an already shaky system? Again, this is a huge unknown. With the election coming up and unemployment still high, a total or partial economic meltdown is NOT out of the question. This is a great time to make sure that your finances are in tip-top shape. Check out a recent episode we released on this very subject.



If you take anything away from this short article it should be that you shouldn't take your foot off of the proverbial prepper pedal. 2020 has kicked us all in the coconuts but don't think for a hot minute it won't kick us again while we are down, writhing in pain. Here is some casual prepping advice - Don't panic. Prep on and Stay Survived. #2020

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