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You got BURNED!!!

Burns suck. They unfortunately are easily sustained and a common injury. Maybe a simple touch of a hot pan, sitting too close to a fire, or trying to make your own firework using your dads old black powder from the gun cabinet (yeah, I tried this in middle school and burned every single hair off my face). So whatever the cause, you need to know the basics of recognizing the degree of burn and how best to manage it.

- 1st degree

Typically red, these are often quite painful as the nerves are intact. Soothing ointments are all that is recommended for these.

- 2nd degree

These are the burns that typically blister. Nerves remain intact so they are usually painful. Try to leave the blister intact, the longer you avoid popping it the less chance of infection.

Once the blister ruptures follow these steps;

2. Wash with soap and water, lightly dab dry

3. Apply topical antibiotics, or honey can be used if you like it organic

4. Apply gauze or other dressing

5. Change the dressing daily, especially if wet or dirty

- 3rd degree,

All skin layers have been burned including nerve tissue. These are likely painless and appear blanched or speckled white, or the skin may be gone altogether. These should be managed by someone with advanced medical skill. If this cannot be done, they are managed initially the same as second degree burns. Scarring is inevitable, and it is important to keep joints etc mobile to reduce constrictive scars.

Please take note that these tips are not to take place of accessible medical care if available. They are to be used only in emergency situations when there is no access to proper care, more specifically a SHTF scenario. Thanks and don't get BURNED, oh snap!

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