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Alpha Outpost - The Patriot

This afternoon as I opened my front door, in the air hung the scent of George Washington's sweat and the faint hint of gunpowder. Off in the distance the cry of an eagle echoed through the countryside. I could feel the beat of a drum in my heart as the words of Francis Scott Key rung my ears. What the hell?

Then I realized that I had finally received my first Alpha Outpost box, and lo and behold it was called "THE PATRIOT". Good Lord this box was dripping with American Patriotism. I'm used to boxes filled with knives and firestarters and compasses and freeze dried meals, this was a welcome change, especially during the month we celebrate the Independence of this, the greatest nation on God's Green Earth.

Lemme just lay this out - First, I saw a sweet red, white and blue clad hat with an Alpha Outpost logo. Fit like a glove. Then an Old Glory bandana fit for a patriot. A stars and stripes lighter. Two patches for my bug out bag that will tell the terrorists- "Eff you, I'm an American." Some sunglasses to hide my tears as I read the words of our founding fathers in the pocket constitition Alpha Outpost has now graciously supplied me with. 2 metal shot glasses to celebrate the freedoms we all enjoy thanks to our military veterans like the fellas over at AO. A water bottle to re-hydrate my thirst for freedom. And some swag stickers, cuz stickers are rad.

I suggest you go get your own box ASAP. Click here.

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