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Where you going to run?

So you've prepared your perfect bug out bag, loaded with weapons, medicines, food stuff, and whatever else you could cram into your best bag. Now what's your plan when SHTF? Where you going to go? Is it secluded and safe? Can it be easily defended? Who knows about it? How long will it take you to get there by foot, car, horseback, or hoverboard? Planning your route to a safe location is essential to your prepping. I have listed below the key tips to consider when searching to find your secret bug out location. These tips we discussed were found on and were extremely helpful and detailed. The article is excellent, we highly recommend you check it out here. Here is a quick summary.

1. Consider your bug out location distance. Can you walk there within a decent amount of time? Is it under 10 miles? If taking a vehicle can a full tank of gas get me there? Do I have enough fuel to make it there or along the way?

2. Is water available at the location either through storage or replenish-able via lakes, streams, runoff?

3. Is the location concealed and/or secure?

4. Are there opportunities in the location for self reliance? Can I grow a plants, or keep chickens, sheep or other food sources.

5. What are the natural threats to the location? Is it in tornado alley, or high in the mountains where snow falls as early as September etc.

Other tips discussed briefly were the purchase of property, and if red tape would be needed on the location which would remove the conceal-ability of the location. We feel these tips are important to consider, and your bug out plan needs to be well planned, tested and researched. So find it, stock it, and prep it. Your very lives may depend on it.

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