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Aim for the head

You may be the type that collects all the guns and ammo you feel is necessary to defend yourself and others during a catastrophe, but if you can't aim the thing or have ever even shot it, then well whats the point? I guess there is always bartering, right? This weekend we set out to become a little more comfortable with our firearms. Quickly I found my sights were so far off I don't think I could have hit anything within reaching distance of me. What I am trying to say is, get out there and use your guns. Sight them in. Getting comfortable with them and knowing how they work and what they need is essential to owning a gun. Have you ever even cleaned your own gun? These are basic things to keep in mind when storing and obtaining guns for that inevitable zombie invasions that most of us are expecting, or even hoping to occur.

In upcoming podcast episodes we plan to break down firearms for the casual prepper. Gun experts? No, not at all. If you plan to be a sniper then you may want to do your own research. We can however deliver useful information on what firearms the survivalist community feel are best for hunting, defense, portability, and even bartering. Follow us here and subscribe to our podcast for all your prepping needs.

Yep, that's me in a dumpster. Not even my target.


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