The Unconventional Shooter Essentials

Hey there Casual Preppers! Our good friends over at Tac Pack have graced us with a fantastic article for every shooter out there. If you listen to the podcast, you know these guys. You know that they have the BEST tactical subscription box with useful, professional grade gear. If you follow them on Facebook or Instagram, you know they live the Pew Pew life to the fullest. So, sit back, grab your favorite drink and take in the awesomeness that is The Unconventional Essentials. The Unconventional Essentials! We are Gun Junkies that enjoy all types of shooting in diverse scenarios whether it's a long range competition, carbine/pistol training, or just a day at the range. We'd always rather shoo

You got BURNED!!!

Burns suck. They unfortunately are easily sustained and a common injury. Maybe a simple touch of a hot pan, sitting too close to a fire, or trying to make your own firework using your dads old black powder from the gun cabinet (yeah, I tried this in middle school and burned every single hair off my face). So whatever the cause, you need to know the basics of recognizing the degree of burn and how best to manage it. - 1st degree Typically red, these are often quite painful as the nerves are intact. Soothing ointments are all that is recommended for these. - 2nd degree These are the burns that typically blister. Nerves remain intact so they are usually painful. Try to leave the blister intact,

Tear Gas Exposure

Collateral damage is common with non-rioters trying to flee the situation. As things progress in a riot, tear gas is likely to be flung from police forces as they try and disperse the crowds. You may be just an innocent bystander picking up some last minute prepper items only to walk away from the store into a cloud of lovely tear gas. This episode's medical tip will hopefully help you deal with this misfortune a little better. If you happen to be exposed to the gas, these may help. 1. Leave the area as soon as you can. The less you are exposed to and the quicker you get away from it the better. Symptoms may last 2 hours. 2. If you hear or see gas, quickly soak a bandanna or towel in lemon j

Gunshot Wound Basics

Hopefully none of us have to deal with a gunshot wound in our lifetime. We see and hear of shootings more and more in the news lately, which unfortunately raises the possibility of encountering a gunshot victim. In a SHTF scenario, that chance is likely to be even greater. Quickly I want to review some basics to caring for someone who may be a victim of a gunshot wound. I am not a surgeon, nor do I claim to have any knowledge of such, but these tips are only for dire situations when no one with a higher skill level can quickly attend to someone who has been shot. First, Ensure your safety. Do not go out to help the person if you can quickly become a victim yourself. Second, Take Action. You

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