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Tear Gas Exposure

Collateral damage is common with non-rioters trying to flee the situation. As things progress in a riot, tear gas is likely to be flung from police forces as they try and disperse the crowds. You may be just an innocent bystander picking up some last minute prepper items only to walk away from the store into a cloud of lovely tear gas. This episode's medical tip will hopefully help you deal with this misfortune a little better. If you happen to be exposed to the gas, these may help.

1. Leave the area as soon as you can. The less you are exposed to and the quicker you get away from it the better. Symptoms may last 2 hours.

2. If you hear or see gas, quickly soak a bandanna or towel in lemon juice or vinegar and place them in a plastic bag. If you are lucky and have these readily available, it can be used to breathe into to escape the effects of inhaling the gas.

3. Immediately remove contacts and clothes. Probably do not want to do this in the street, but once you are in a safe location. Gases tend to bind to the contact lens ruining them and burning your eyes. Then Rinse eyes from inside to out with cold water.

4. If you happen to be pepper sprayed, rinse your face with milk.

5. Take a COLD shower to rinse off residue, then dry off and wipe down your body with oil (cooking or any) as this will help draw out the gas. Then clean the oil off with alcohol.

6. Blow nose several times to get rid of chemical from your nasal passages.

7. If accessible, use a Bronchodilator (albuterol) if there was inhalation of the fumes.

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