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Improvised Asthma Equipment

If you happen to be an asthmatic or have a group member with asthma, then hopefully you have the medications and supplies stored and readily available to you or them. There is a good chance you may come across limitations and need to make use of anything to help the person with asthma. Children and even adults can benefit from a spacer used to deliver more Albuterol to the lungs. Most often you can ask your local clinic for spacer as they may have one in the office, but if not they are a little expensive. You can quickly make one on your own with a water bottle and duct tape. As it is very simple to make one on your own I did not list any directions, as the photo below is easy to see how one is made.

Nebulizers are also very handy to deliver a more consistent amount of medication to the lungs and if you do have the tubing, which also can be asked for her local clinic, using a bicycle pump plugged in the bottom he can deliver medication without any electricity I did attach a simple video below for demonstration.

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