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Apocalypse or not, ticks are out there. Nasty little suckers are always looking for a host, and to give you their thanks they may possibly leave you with a nasty disease. Currently we have ways to recognize and treat early most of these infections, but when the world may be coming to an end, these diseases can be very dangerous without proper medications and treatment. This quick tip just helps prevent tick bites and describes how to safely remove them if you happen to be unfortunate.

Prevent Tick Bites

- Wear light colored clothing to help easily spot the insect

- Use DEET, don't be shy just soak yourself in it

- Tuck your pants into your socks while out and about (sexy right)

- Apply tape to the top of your socks to prevent the tick from climbing up under your pants

- Permanone can be applied to clothing and lasts a month which helps prevent ticks from biting

Attached Ticks

Many methods have been suggested to remove ticks, such as, burning the tick with a match so it will remove itself, applying vaseline to suffocated the tick, or removing with your hand or scraping it off. These methods cause the tick to regurgitate or eject more saliva into skin increasing the risk of harmful diseases. A tick should only be removed with pickups (tweezers). You grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible at its head and slowly pull it directly outwards in a slow motion. This is the only safe method to remove a tick. Good luck out there, and hopefully no nasty ticks will be the one who ends your days.

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