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Head lacerations

Head lacerations bleed like there is no tomorrow. Unfortunately, they aren't too difficult to sustain since our noggins tend to head first into locations with which we may be exploring, or during a quick bug out situation. Luckily, most lacerations to the head can be easily managed with your own hair acting as the suture. You simply place a piece of string, dental floss, or fishing line within the wound, then use 3-4 strands of hair on each side of the wound and tie multiple strands in square knots, which will pull the wound edges together nicely. Then you will loop the floss or string back over the hair knots and tie in place. This works very well considering you are not bald. If you are bald or wear your hair short, then you would manage the wound as any other part of your body (sutures, glue, tape, or cauterizing it with a heated knife if you are a bad a$#) So if you wack your head and quickly need to close it, just use that hair you may have. I felt this video was best to demonstrate the procedure better than any image I could post. Join us weekly for new medical tips, and please subscribe to our podcast.

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