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Prepper Gear Box Review

Hey there fellow prepper gear junkies. We at Casual Preppers just got our first Prepper Gear box in the mail. We have received several different subscription boxes before similar like, Battlbox or Alpha Outpost, but this was our first Prepper Gear Box. At first glance, I'll have to admit, I was slightly disappointed. The box was just that, a box. It didn't have all the flash and frills as the others. No fancy lettering or sayings or paper, but what it did have was super solid, practical gear. The box pictured above was the one we received. Now, it doesn't look like much, but man, I was impressed. If you go month to month with this subscription, it runs you $25. Let me break down it's contents.


First, there was a Morakniv Companion, and if you haven't used a Morakniv yet, I highly suggest you do so. As far as a bushcraft style knife, it is really hard to beat this value. It retails around $16. I was excited. Next item was a True Utility FireStash Keyring Lighter. This is a sweet little EDC keyring, and it comes in a nice waterproof container that can be used for a multitude of things. Retail price is about $12. The last item is another EDC staple - a tactical pen w/ glass breaker made from aircraft grade aluminum and just looks bad-ass. Retail price is $7. Above all that this box came with some skill cards, as every Prepper Gear box does. These were some tips on pressure points for self defense and how to make a solar still. These cards will be a nice addition to my bug out bag.


If you get a chance, and are looking to upgrade your puny prepper gear stash, head over to and sign up. Listen to the Casual Preppers Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher to hear the podcast version of this review.

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