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Glorious Pins of Safety

Safety pins save lives. Maybe. Safety pins have an incredible amount of uses as was discussed in our latest podcast. I thought it would helpful to compile a little list here for you disbelievers of the sacred pin of safety. So besides pinning up your pantaloons that may be too big, or safety pinning your fly or tent door shut, here are the many medical uses;

1. Pin the anterior aspect of the tongue to the lower lip to establish an airway in an unconscious victim. (sounds awesome)

2. Perform a neurosensory skin test (spinal injuries etc)

3. Puncture a plastic bag for irrigation of wounds

4. Remove embedded foreign bodies from the skin

5. Drain an abscess or blister

6. Relieve a subungual hematoma

7. Finger splint

8. Hold gaping wounds together

9. Pin triage notes to victims

10. Make a sling with shirt

11. Remove ticks

12. Last but not least, extract a clot from a thrombosed hemorrhoids. Uh Yeah.

Hopefully you find this tip helpful, especially all you worried about your hemorrhoids. Worry no more. Check back with us weekly, subscribe to our podcast for more quick and dirty medical tips.

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