Apocalypse or not, ticks are out there. Nasty little suckers are always looking for a host, and to give you their thanks they may possibly leave you with a nasty disease. Currently we have ways to recognize and treat early most of these infections, but when the world may be coming to an end, these diseases can be very dangerous without proper medications and treatment. This quick tip just helps prevent tick bites and describes how to safely remove them if you happen to be unfortunate. Prevent Tick Bites - Wear light colored clothing to help easily spot the insect - Use DEET, don't be shy just soak yourself in it - Tuck your pants into your socks while out and about (sexy right) - Apply tape

Fishhook Injuries

Fishing is a common recreational sport, and will likely be an important means of resupplying food when SHTF. Penetrating fishhook trauma is not an uncommon occurrence when either casting a line and accidentally snagging an innocent onlooker or while tying a hook to a line. I felt an explanation on how to remove these hooks would come in rather handy at some point. During our podcast I described 3 techniques of removing an embedded fishhook. I would like to add one more that I failed to mention. The first two I would like to briefly explain are to be attempted first, as they result in the least amount of tissue damage. Technique 1: Retrograde Technique First apply pressure downward on the sha

10 Common Prepper Mistakes

As a prepper it is constantly on our minds to try and not forget any important detail, tool, or skill we may need, and we do our best to try and cover all the bases to survive. Unfortunately, we are still human and overlook some basic things that we may wish we hadn’t when times become rough. This will especially be true during critical times and events. This is when we realize we are lacking specific items or skills and that it is now too late to obtain. We here at Casual Preppers created a list of the 10 most common mistakes preppers make that may lead one being less prepared than expected. 1. Inventorying food and supplies You may feel you have everything you need, but how do you know if

Improvised Spinal Immobilization

Spinal injuries are a huge fear when out in the wilderness. There literally isn’t anything much worse than dealing with this type of injury. The last two episodes I quickly discussed several ways to immobilize the spine and extract the injured person. There are two types of immobilization systems. First, the short-board immobilization system, which would be used to quickly extract someone to a safer area for better treatment, or to develop a better system to extract further. Second, the long-board immobilization system, which is used for more extensive transport. The improvised short-board immobilizer can be made using several items you may already have on you. One type is made using the in

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