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Surviving an Economic Collapse

In our latest episode we discussed the likelihood of an economic collapse and what may result from such a thing occurring. Our country currently sits at over $19 trillion dollars in debt. That is unbelievable. This alone makes it easy to see how our country is on the edge, daily, for an economic collapse. A lot of us Americans live in debt which can lead to further complications for ourselves if the entire country collapses. Debt forgiveness isn't likely going to happen, it is more likely collection of debt will be crucial for survival of the loaner, so just try not to be in debt as much as possible. That would be tip number one.

Historically, the great depression was a dark time in our country that most of us have learned about, and what our ancestors went through during this time. If you don't, I suggest you learn more about that time period, because if anything like that happens again, our country will be far, far worse off this time around. Population is greater, many are completely unprepared to sustain life without our system or the government, and many are under the falsehood that our country has the means to take care of each of us. Banks will close indefinitely, withdrawing money will be impossible, and all that you have stored away with them could be lost. Martial law could be a possibility, further striping us of our rights and property. We did not spend a lot of time discussing the different ways to save money, invest in fine metals, all of those other ideas that can be found on numerous forums. I believe this is more of a personal preference, so we suggest you look into these items on your own to help you be more financially prepared for such a crisis.

The simple plan of surviving an economic collapse is to be prepared at home or wherever you plan to bug in. Food, water, basic hygiene and medical supplies that we have been discussing episode after episode will be more valuable than any coin you may have stored away. First and foremost get these things in order and stored for any catastrophic event, and the basics of life will be ready for a collapse. This threat is a huge one for our country. More details can be found in our podcast which we highly recommend listening to. Hit us up with any comments on the topic via facebook, email, or here on the website. We would love to here from you!

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