Ankle, Sprained or Broken?

In clinic, I often see several patients a week with a sprained ankle. It can be difficult, even for us providers, to determine whether or not the ankle is broken. Fortunately, we can order an Xray to determine clearly if it is a break, rather than a sprain. Unfortunately, when the world comes to an end you probably won't know anyone who stocked up on X-ray machines. I want to share with you the steps we take as providers to determine if an ankle is a broken or only sprained. Now this is not 100% accurate, but it tends to be about 95% accurate in determining the likelihood of a break. These rules can be followed with minimal medical experience. The Ottawa Ankle Rules. These rules were develop

Non-Freezing Cold-Induced Injuries

Non-freezing cold-induced injuries are much more likely to occur than frostbite for the survivalist. He or she will likely be more prepared to prevent frostbite, but are likely to be exposed for prolonged periods to cold weather, either when traveling to safety, scavenging or hunting. This may lead to NFCI (Non-freezing cold injury). These injuries typically occur at temperatures just above or around freezing which leads to tissue damage to the exposed areas, but does not involve tissue freezing; aka frostbite. Most often this occurs on the feet due to constrictive footwear, wetness and prolonged cold exposure. Symptoms include pain, numbness, redness and tingling. Prevention can typically

Winter Weather Prepping

In our most recent podcast, we talked about winter weather prepping. It was super fitting as the very first snowfall happened the day we produced the podcast. And with the coming of winter, also comes challenges for preppers, survivalists and, hell, everybody. I'm going to hit the high points of this podcast and give you an overview of some of the basics we spoke of. ADVANTAGES TO WINTER WEATHER SURVIVAL - Water Melting snow for potable water should be a focus during the winter months as it can go a long way. Shelter Winter allows for a less disturbed shelter if you happen to have one as conveniently placed such as Hitler's Eagle Nest. You are far less likely to have to deal with looters. Al

5 Subscription Boxes for (Casual)Preppers.

If you listen to our podcast here at Casual Preppers, you know that Cam and I are gear junkies. We love playing with all the latest gadgets, knives, gear and firestarters. One way to build up your prepper gear arsenal is to use subscription boxes. Ya, I've heard all the cons - "You can get better gear if you do your own research!" or "Any real prepper wouldn't use a gimmick like subscription boxes!" Well, eff you. I love getting that box in the mail every month with surprise, brand spanking new gear. It's like my own personal prepper Christmas. And the value is there, you do save money on the gear you get. We have compiled a list of 5 boxes every prepper should at least take a look at in no

Things We Like - Ep 1

Welcome to the first episode of "Things We Like". Its about things that we like. This radio is pretty sweet. Take a look and then grab one yourself here! #thingswelike #survivalradio #gear

Improvised Asthma Equipment

If you happen to be an asthmatic or have a group member with asthma, then hopefully you have the medications and supplies stored and readily available to you or them. There is a good chance you may come across limitations and need to make use of anything to help the person with asthma. Children and even adults can benefit from a spacer used to deliver more Albuterol to the lungs. Most often you can ask your local clinic for spacer as they may have one in the office, but if not they are a little expensive. You can quickly make one on your own with a water bottle and duct tape. As it is very simple to make one on your own I did not list any directions, as the photo below is easy to see how on

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