Surviving an Economic Collapse

In our latest episode we discussed the likelihood of an economic collapse and what may result from such a thing occurring. Our country currently sits at over $19 trillion dollars in debt. That is unbelievable. This alone makes it easy to see how our country is on the edge, daily, for an economic collapse. A lot of us Americans live in debt which can lead to further complications for ourselves if the entire country collapses. Debt forgiveness isn't likely going to happen, it is more likely collection of debt will be crucial for survival of the loaner, so just try not to be in debt as much as possible. That would be tip number one. Historically, the great depression was a dark time in our coun


So you had strep throat and were given a large bottle of Amoxicillin. After taking them a few days and symptoms resolved you decided not to follow directions to finish the prescription and now you have a bunch of pills left over. Is it a good idea to store these away for an infection contracted after a knife fight while looting for twinkies? Well this is an ongoing debate (saving the antibiotics, not the fight for twinkies) and one difficult in clearly obtaining the correct information about. Let me briefly go over a few things that may help. Antibiotics when prescribed typically have an end date on the bottle. This is when the prescription date ends to help the pharmacy, it is not the expir

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