Never Enough Tactical: August Advanced Supply Drop

This week we got our first taste of Never Enough Tactical. I gotta give them props, this is some of the best gear I've seen from a subscription box. Never Enough Tactical is a monthly tactical(duh) subscription box with two different levels - The Basic and The Advanced Supply Drop. The Basic Box runs you $51.45 a month and the Advanced is $103.95. We were lucky enough to get our hands on August's Advanced Supply Drop. Let me lay this out, gear-wise. The first item I pulled out was the Kodiak 20 ounce Tumbler. Double Wall, vacuum insulated, perfect EDC cup to keep your coffee hot and your iced tea cool all day. I like this item as it is a little bit different than most gear you typically get

July Tac Pack

As we have already told you, Tac Pack is a brand new sponsor of The Casual Preppers Podcast. We are so excited to have them on board and to let you guys get more familiar with them. We just received our July Tac Pack in the mail this week. (There may or may not have been girly squeals involved.) First of all, Tac Pack is a monthly tactical subscription box with professional grade gear. These boxes run you $49.95, but the value is ALWAYS much higher. This months box is valued around $92.00! That isn't a joke. Seriously. First, the box is sweet looking, as you can see. And as I said before, the value is phenomenal. Let me get to this month's contents. The first thing I saw when I opened this b

Basics to Wound Management

Most of us will be carrying or have readily accessible a first aid kit for treating wounds. The primary focus to managing a wound is to minimize complications and promote healing. Before using any of your fancy tools you need to do follow these basic steps. Primary Survey – Identify and stabilize any associated traumatic injuries. Stabilize other more serious injuries before first managing the wound Control Hemorrhage – Most often this can be done with direct pressure to the wound. If bleeding continues despite pressure, tourniquets may be used with the knowledge that a limb may be sacrificed. With applied release every 5-10 minutes if possible to restore perfusion. Minimize Infection – Irri

12 Skills Every Prepper Should Know

We here at Casual Preppers compiled a list of 12 skills we felt would be the most useful in a SHTF scenario. We understand there are tons of skills out there to be learned and we ourselves are trying to hone as many of them as we can, but we felt there are a select few that are essential to survival at your home, bug out location, or whatever location you may be left with to manage and survive. Let us get to it. Skill # 1 - Fire starting This is something every prepper/survivalist should know. We have a lot of gadgets to help start fires and the more you have the better off you will be. But make sure you know how to use them all, some can be trickier than expected. We also recommend learning

45 Overlooked Prepping Items

We here at Casual Preppers compiled a list of 45 items we felt are typically overlooked when building your survival storage. We reviewed multiple items and developed a list of those we felt had multiple purposes, some commonly known and others less commonly known. Our latest podcast detailed these items and we recommend having a listen. I have attached the list for easy review. 1. Socks 2. Maps 3. Deodorant 4. Physical Books 5. Garbage Bags/Ziploc Bags 6. Lemon Juice 7. Hand Sanitizer 8. Pennies (dated before 1982 for copper) and Dimes and Quarters (dated before 1964 for silver) 9. Safety Pins 10. Tarps 11. Aluminum Foil (fish, grow plants, keep pests away, cook, fry, reflector) 12. Vinegar


Dehydration is not terribly difficult to come by when living or traveling by foot across the land. In a SHTF scenario you'll likely be on the move quickly and possibly under the blazing sun for more of the day than you anticipated. Dehydration can come quickly and easily, especially if you are limiting your water intake. This week we discussed recognizing the signs of dehydration, and how to replete those fluids as safely as possible with limited resources. Oral rehydration salts are actually available to purchase and we do recommend looking into getting some, but if you were unable to do so, we have a quick solution that can be made at home that is great for repleting lost fluid and electro

Alpha Outpost - The Patriot

This afternoon as I opened my front door, in the air hung the scent of George Washington's sweat and the faint hint of gunpowder. Off in the distance the cry of an eagle echoed through the countryside. I could feel the beat of a drum in my heart as the words of Francis Scott Key rung my ears. What the hell? Then I realized that I had finally received my first Alpha Outpost box, and lo and behold it was called "THE PATRIOT". Good Lord this box was dripping with American Patriotism. I'm used to boxes filled with knives and firestarters and compasses and freeze dried meals, this was a welcome change, especially during the month we celebrate the Independence of this, the greatest nation on God's

Battlbox Mission 17 Review

Hey Guys! Check out our short video review of Battlbox Mission 17 from our alter-egos over at Basement Nation Outdoors. Get your own box here.

The Grayl Review

Hey Guys! Check out our review of Grayl. We also mentioned it on episode 5 of the podcast. Get your own here.

Head lacerations

Head lacerations bleed like there is no tomorrow. Unfortunately, they aren't too difficult to sustain since our noggins tend to head first into locations with which we may be exploring, or during a quick bug out situation. Luckily, most lacerations to the head can be easily managed with your own hair acting as the suture. You simply place a piece of string, dental floss, or fishing line within the wound, then use 3-4 strands of hair on each side of the wound and tie multiple strands in square knots, which will pull the wound edges together nicely. Then you will loop the floss or string back over the hair knots and tie in place. This works very well considering you are not bald. If you are ba

Where you going to run?

So you've prepared your perfect bug out bag, loaded with weapons, medicines, food stuff, and whatever else you could cram into your best bag. Now what's your plan when SHTF? Where you going to go? Is it secluded and safe? Can it be easily defended? Who knows about it? How long will it take you to get there by foot, car, horseback, or hoverboard? Planning your route to a safe location is essential to your prepping. I have listed below the key tips to consider when searching to find your secret bug out location. These tips we discussed were found on and were extremely helpful and detailed. The article is excellent, we highly recommend you check it out here. Here is a quick

The Perfect Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit

In our last podcast we discussed preparing a medical kit for your bug out bag. If you haven't listened to our podcast you can catch it here. Our discussion was primarily based on the article found on We do encourage you to look at their site as there are some great details and links available in the article. The podcast contained a lot of information on medical supplies, which can be confusing as everyone has their own preferences. So in this post I felt it would be best to summarize the key items for your medical kit. Again, storing a variety of medical supplies, medicines and instruments, can take up a lot of space, so we encourage you to also have a medical kit

The Disaster Diaries - Book Review.

I'm always looking for a new book in the prepper/survival genre. Luckily, a listener recently recommended The Disaster Diaries: One Mans Quest to Learn Everything Necessary to Survive the Apocalypse. This book was written by Sam Sheridan. Sam Sheridan is a Harvard graduate. Hes been a boxer, mixed martial arts fighter, sailor, cowboy, South Pole construction worker, and Merchant Marine. He lives in Los Angeles. His book is basically a non-fiction handbook on how to survive the possible coming apocalypse. If you think that sounds fantastic, you would be right. He starts out with the fundamentals, get fit, learn to handle stress, get your bug out bag. He then goes on to tell us the stories of

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