Eat a sandwich, fix a blister

This week's quick and dirty medical tip details how to easily fix a pesky heel blister or prevent one if you are without a med kit. First and foremost, you shouldn't be without a med kit if you listened to our latest podcast dummy. Okay, there are times you may be without supplies, and this quick tip can help deal with a sore spot or blister that may develop. The steps are quite simple, granted you have some form of a plastic bag, trash bag, or plastic sack, and don't live in a state like Oregon where plastic is sinful and blasphemous to the state. 1. Cut a small square from a plastic bag or similar 2. Apply inside the square a small amount of lubricant (chapstick, oil, or even a little wate

Aim for the head

You may be the type that collects all the guns and ammo you feel is necessary to defend yourself and others during a catastrophe, but if you can't aim the thing or have ever even shot it, then well whats the point? I guess there is always bartering, right? This weekend we set out to become a little more comfortable with our firearms. Quickly I found my sights were so far off I don't think I could have hit anything within reaching distance of me. What I am trying to say is, get out there and use your guns. Sight them in. Getting comfortable with them and knowing how they work and what they need is essential to owning a gun. Have you ever even cleaned your own gun? These are basic things to ke

Prepper Gear Box Review

Hey there fellow prepper gear junkies. We at Casual Preppers just got our first Prepper Gear box in the mail. We have received several different subscription boxes before similar like, Battlbox or Alpha Outpost, but this was our first Prepper Gear Box. At first glance, I'll have to admit, I was slightly disappointed. The box was just that, a box. It didn't have all the flash and frills as the others. No fancy lettering or sayings or paper, but what it did have was super solid, practical gear. The box pictured above was the one we received. Now, it doesn't look like much, but man, I was impressed. If you go month to month with this subscription, it runs you $25. Let me break down it's content

PREPPING - How to Start

How do you start prepping? 1- Spark an Interest I've always had an interest in TEOTWAWKI(the end of the world as we know it) - movies, books and television. There has always been something about this type of story that really drew me in. This is where I got started. These stories would spark a thought "What would I do if....If they would have just done this......what do I have that could get me through that"? If you are reading this, you most likely already have this interest. Well done. On to step two. 2 - Learn why Preppers do what they do Why should I have extra food and water on hand? Why should I have a bug out bag? Why should I learn survival skills? These are all questions you need to

Tac-Bar Review

We recently received some awesomeness in the mail here at the Casual Preppers home-base. It was the Tac-Bar Bug Out Box. This is a self contained tactical food ration and survival kit that just makes sense. It is housed in a rugged ammo style can designed for transportation and storage, which looks super sweet. It includes 5 days of ready to eat food rations for the prepper on the go. These rations are fortified with vitamins and minerals to keep your survivalist body in tip-top shape while you bob and weave through hoards of gurgling zombies. The rations are made up of Honey, Whey Protein, Oates and Coconut.(Quit your salivating). These bad-boys have a 5 year shelf life so you can stick it

Glorious Pins of Safety

Safety pins save lives. Maybe. Safety pins have an incredible amount of uses as was discussed in our latest podcast. I thought it would helpful to compile a little list here for you disbelievers of the sacred pin of safety. So besides pinning up your pantaloons that may be too big, or safety pinning your fly or tent door shut, here are the many medical uses; 1. Pin the anterior aspect of the tongue to the lower lip to establish an airway in an unconscious victim. (sounds awesome) 2. Perform a neurosensory skin test (spinal injuries etc) 3. Puncture a plastic bag for irrigation of wounds 4. Remove embedded foreign bodies from the skin 5. Drain an abscess or blister 6. Relieve a subungua

SHTF Pain Mangement

No matter how hard you try to avoid injury to yourself or others in a SHTF scenario, it will inevitably occur. Managing the pain that follows can prove difficult. Not all of us have stored 10 bottles of 180 Percocets for just in-case. (Ok maybe some of you manipulators). Pain can be controlled to an extent with these simple physical methods. 1) Compression Analgesia - Simply put, pain is reduced via compression of peripheral nerves. Remember, you are compressing to help pain, not control bleeding, so check pulses so their or your extremity doesn't fall off. 2) Cryoanalgesia - Fancy term for applying cold to reduce pain. Applying cold absorbs heat from adjacent tissue and nerve conduction is

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